Thank you for faithfully serving our communities and prioritizing the health and safety of our patients, partners…and everyone.

From your CDL Family – thank you for all you do! 

Allene – Pennsylvania
Andy – Pennsylvania
Awais – New York
Barbara – Florida
Carlos – Texas
Cheryl – West Virginia
Cody – Pennsylvania
Crystal – New Jersey
Dariane – Pennsylvania
Dave – New Jersey

David – Texas
Fred – Pennsylvania
Gregg – New York
Holly – New Jersey
Holly – Ohio
Jason – Pennsylvania
Jessica – Pennsylvania
John – Pennsylvania
Justine – North Carolina
Kathy – Pennsylvania

Katie – Pennsylvania
Keith – Texas
Kris – New Jersey
Lisa – New Jersey
Mariana – Florida
Maricela – Pennsylvania
Martin – Texas
Meghan – Pennsylvania
Melissa – Ohio
Myles – Maryland

Nicole – New Jersey
Omar – Pennsylvania
Paul – Pennsylvania
Reggie – Texas
Rene – Pennsylvania
Rhiannan – Ohio
Rhonda – Ohio
Richa – Ohio
Shannon – Pennsylvania
Sofia – Florida

Susan – New York
Sylvester – Pennsylvania
Teresa – Pennsylvania
Teresa – Pennsylvania
Thomas – Pennsylvania
Tiffany – Texas
Tracy – Pennsylvania
Trang – Texas
Trey – Texas
Vanessa – Pennsylvania

We also thank our client partners and their clinical personnel who are on the frontlines battling COVID-19.  From Maine to California, with dwindling protective resources and countless challenges, you’ve risen to the occasion without ceasing.

You’ve sacrificed much to be our everyday heroes.  Day in and day out, you’re providing the safe, superior patient care you always have.  From all of us to all of you – thank you!  We have the deepest level of appreciation for you and your service; our gratitude is immeasurable.