Imaging Equipment - SPECT

Working with equipment from many of the major manufacturers, we have access to the imaging equipment you want. Not sure what’s right for you? Let us provide you with a site analysis. Assessing the size of your practice, site access, square footage available, etc…we will tailor a lease arrangement to provide you the most competitive lease, servicing your facility with fixed or portable imaging equipment.  Currently we have units in operation from Philips, Siemens, Digirad, IS2, and more.

Our staff, through the use of our systems and various staffing contracts, have a vast knowledge of most SPECT systems, workstations, and processing systems on the market today.

Most of our current clients interpret their Nuclear studies from a dedicated Physician workstation provided by CDL with third party quantification software from either Cedars, 4DM SPECT or Emory – three of the most popular packages available on the market today.  This system offers great flexibility for remote options, ease of use, and reproducible high quality results.  Built in dictation software is also available.